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What Premium Means at UM?

As a client, you can expect a more personalized approach to service and a higher level of commitment and expertise from your UM stylist. At Upscale Male, we see premium in every stylist we employ.



At Upscale Male, we deeply believe in the lasting and necessary connection between quality and consistency. We operate under the notion that the value of the haircut you will get in the chair as a client will equal exactly the level of skillset, capability, and commitment of the stylist behind the chair. Upscale Male only employs experienced stylists, and all UM staff are thoroughly tested and trained in our offsite Training and Development Center. Each of our new hires completes a six-month individual and personalized training, coaching, and onboarding program. That support and coaching does not end after six months, and each expert stylist employed at our salon continues to receive year round individualized mentorship, senior peer reviewed sessions, and goal driven support on a regular basis.

Cutting Hair



Our salon offers premium hair care services and we invest heavily in our hiring, vetting, and training process to ensure that each of our stylists fully understands the importance and value of paying attention to detail, offering superior customer service, and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for their clients. At Upscale Male, we value our stylists and their craft, and we want them to excel at offering tailored haircut experiences to our clients. These core goals remain why UM stays committed as a salon to providing our talent with an invested support system, and recurring resources towards their ongoing continued education. To ensure that our clients receive a modern barbershop experience, we staff an all-day support team of assistants for every stylist, ensuring they can stay fully focused on their work and offer the tailored haircut experiences that our clients have come to expect and deserve.



At UM, there is no denying the positive energy felt by our clients from our stylists. Our customers can easily sense that our stylists are happy at work and it’s hard to ignore the good vibes that fill the air in our salon daily. The music playing is vibrant while the greetings and conversations that you will have and receive from the UM team will be warm and inviting. Our management team works hard to make sure that our staff enjoy their jobs and their time spent with clients, while always working alongside peers who share in the same deep sense of pride when providing a premium UM haircut. Most important is our promise that the investment, efforts, and haircut experience you will receive from our stylists will be worth your time and money.

Haircut at Barber Shop
Man Getting Hair Washed



We pride our salon on being well managed, properly maintained, and with customer service as a top priority for everyone on the UM team. Our online scheduling options are very flexible, and all of our text communications with clients are clear and effective. The UM FlexAppointment online scheduling system is straight forward and very easy to use, and our text cancellation process is simple, relaxed, and stress free to our clients. In choosing Upscale Male, you will benefit by working with professional barbers and cosmetologists who use process to stay consistent in their approach. Your UM stylist is trained to begin every haircut with a broad and calculated assessment weighing factors ranging from a client’s head shape, cowlicks, hair texture, growth patterns, and so much more. This assessment is paired with a thorough consultation and discussion of your preferred style and personal preferences, and all before your haircut begins.

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