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Our talented stylists offer exceptional haircut experiences that will exceed your expectations.
Working regularly with a trusted UM Stylist offers many benefits and our clients often find their stylists exceed their expectations. Our vetted and advanced trained stylists build great careers behind our chairs, so our clients can have trust in the long term relationship they seek to build with their stylist.

Our haircut services are tailored to each individual, and our stylists strive to offer client experiences that are full of energy, value, and professionalism, while not shying away from a challenge. At Upscale Male, we welcome a new idea about your hairstyle and we fully embrace that you might want to cut your hair shorter than normal or change up your style and look entirely. Our stylists are experienced and capable in working with every hair type and hair texture and offer professional grade mens haircuts that range from a curly hair trending style to a tight military style skin fade.

Our stylists will go the extra mile and examine your scalp while offering recommendations for shampoo, as well as educate you on the proper usage when routinely using hair products. Whether you are asking a question about applying styling products to wet hair or asking about the proper way to use a blow dryer to maximize your hair products performance, you will find your UM Stylist to be invested and focused on the health of your hair and eager to help offer any professional advice or tips.
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