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What Makes Us Different?

At Upscale Male, we invest in our talent, our process and most importantly our clients.



It’s not much of a secret that we appreciate and value our stylists at Upscale Male. In an industry that is typically subject to high stylist turnover and poor working standards, we have taken a different approach and it has resulted in high retention and long-term career relationships. We believe, without a doubt, that a positive work culture and a flexible work life balance directly affect a stylist’s performance and professional development. At Upscale Male, we share the same goals and priorities with our stylists. Their success is our success, their goals are our goals, and their loyalty is clear proof that the Upscale Male employee culture is what makes us uniquely different.

Professional hairdresser making stylish



Since we opened our doors in 2006, we have partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers like Andis and Wahl for all our haircut and barbering equipment needs. Against all industry norms and as a part of our founding commitment to quality and consistency, Upscale Male has always provided all of the barbering and styling tools that our stylists use daily. Beginning with our extensive training and review process, all Upscale Male stylists transition into using our provided tools, allowing them to begin their Upscale Male careers prepared and best equipped to offer exceptional haircut experiences.



Our Flex Appointment scheduling system is built for the Upscale Male. Scheduling a new appointment is straightforward, text communication with our clients is clear and effective, and our cancellation process is simple and stress free. Our clients can schedule appointments up to 30 days out and our dedicated scheduling team is always available during business hours by phone to help manage your appointment or answer questions. At Upscale Male, we always allow for some additional time for first time clients so our stylists can offer a proper consultation and have enough time to begin the client relationship on the right path. We rarely experience appointment delays and nearly all our appointments start on time or a few minutes early.




At Upscale Male, our customer service policy is rather simple, we stand by our work. Even as we thoroughly train, promote and maintain high quality of service standards for all our stylists, we recognize and embrace that tailored haircuts can have a multitude of variables and occasionally things can be overlooked, and revisions may be needed. We genuinely want our clients satisfied and we will always revisit your haircut at no charge or tip expected. All we ask is that you submit your Flexback Request within 3 days of your haircut for our team to properly assess and address your concerns.

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