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What Makes Us Different?

At Upscale Male, we invest heavily in our stylists, and we believe strongly in our process.



We firmly believe that the quality of the haircut you get in the chair is a direct result of the quality and capability of the stylist behind the chair. We only hire experienced stylists, and all UM staff are thoroughly vetted and trained in our offsite Training and Development Center. At Upscale Male, we value our stylists and provide them with the proper support to excel at their work and offer great client experiences. A UM stylist is trained to begin a haircut with a calculated assessment, factoring in head shape, cowlicks, texture, and growth patterns. That assessment is paired with a thorough consultation and discussion of your preferred style and personal preferences. In step with our salon, our stylists use process to stay consistent in their approach to offer a tailored haircut experience with every appointment.

Professional hairdresser making stylish



At UM, we see process as an essential part to our success and our ability to offer customized and personalized haircuts. We believe a positive client experience takes its shape at the time of booking. Our FlexAppointment scheduling system is straight forward and easy to use. All text communications with our clients are clear and effective, and our cancellation process is simple, relaxed, and stress free. Our salon is well managed and maintained, with customer service as a top priority for everyone on the UM team. At Upscale Male, process drives every element of our salon. We staff all day support teams for our stylists. This support ensures our stylists can stay focused on their work and offer the tailored haircut experiences our clients have come to expect and deserve.

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