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Current Savings Promotions

(1-1-2023 to 6-30-2023)

  1. $1 Deposit for a Neck Shave completed by a client who has not purchased a Neck Shave service in any of his last three visits.

  2. $3 Deposit for any "Credit Retention Marketed Client" who schedules his next haircut at checkout with you. For the ticket to qualify for this bonus, this client must be someone who already had a $10 credit already applied to his ticket when you called his name back.

  3. $2 Deposit for a New Client who schedules his 2nd haircut at checkout with you.

  4. $4 Deposit for a New Client who schedules his first three haircuts in a row with you. You apply the Bonus service credit on the 4th visit.

  5. $10 Deposit is earned any time you pick up an 8:30 am appointment on any day of the week.


Year Round Ways to Earn Savings Deposits
  1. $10 Deposit is always earned whenever your break is deemed eligible and turned orange. You still need to make the decision to give up your break by turning it green. The office must actually fill the spot with another appointment for you to earn a $10 bonus and you can only turn it green when the break is made eligible by the office. If we have someone out sick and your break is turned orange and black, it is eligible for a $20 Double Bonus Deposit, should you choose to turn it green and we are actually able to fill the appointment.

  2. $10 Deposit is always earned whenever you give Murad or Tasos a haircut and an appointment is removed from your shift. This $10 deposit serves as the tip you would have likely received.

  3. $5 Deposit for any clients you convince to sign up to become an all over Scissor Cut Model. The deposit is earned when the client follows through the signup process. You simply initiate the conversation, and if his interest is there, you let the office know. We will reach out to him separately via text with an enrollment link into the program, and if he enrolls, you then get the bonus deposit. Upon the client enrolling, the office will send you a text notifying you.

  4. $3 Deposit when positive comments are left in a UM New Client Survey or you are mentioned in an online Google or Yelp posted review.  You will know you earned a review bonus because the office will send you a screenshot of the client online review or survey,     

  5.  $3 Deposit when a social media post suggestion is uploaded though UM Access to our collection for future postings. Please note, not all suggestions for posts will be accepted, and they need to be approved as appropriate and on brand by Murad for it to count. You will know you earned a Social Media Post deposit because the office will send you a text letting you know it's been accepted.      

  6. $15/$25/$50 Deposit is always earned whenever an OnCall submission is utilized, depending upon the committed number of hours agreed to work for that shift.

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