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UM Savings Deposit Program

Maximum Annual Earnings increased to $3,100 per calendar year, per stylist.

Up to $1,500 a calendar year can be earned through the below bonus deposit options and beginning 1/1/24, you are now eligible to earn an additional Quarterly Performance Bonus of up to $1,600 per stylist, per calendar year. Maximum performance bonus earnings is $400 per quarter per stylist. Combined, there is a maximum of $3,100 of earning capability per year built into the UM Savings program.

​All Bonus Deposits are now automatically entered in for you by the office. You no longer need to add any service coded to closed tickets. You just need to actually accomplish the UM Savings goal, and you will automatically earn the bonus monthly!

SEVEN ways to earn UM Savings Deposits for 2024

  1. $4 New Client 1st Visit Re-Book Bonus. This $4 first visit bonus is earned when a new client schedules his 2nd haircut at checkout with you.

  2. $6 Credit Retention Re-Book Bonus. This $6 credit retention bonus is earned when any client with $10 credit that is already applied to his ticket, schedules his next haircut with you at checkout.

  3. $8 New Client Retention Re-Book Bonus. This $8 retention bonus is earned upon the 4th visit of a Newer Client. As long as you completed his first three haircuts in a row, you will automatically get this bonus upon him completing his 4th haircut at UM, regardless of who cuts him.

  4. $10 Deposit Bonus is earned when positive comments are left in a UM New Client Survey or you are mentioned in an online Google or Yelp posted review.  You will know you earned a review bonus because the office will forward the review or survey to your email.

  5. $12 Deposit Bonus is earned whenever you give Murad or Tasos a haircut and an appointment is removed from your shift. This $12 deposit serves as the tip you would have likely received.

  6. $14 Deposit Bonus is earned whenever you voluntarily give up your break by turning it green. The office must actually fill the spot with another appointment for you to earn a $14 bonus.

  7. $20 Double Bonus Deposit is earned if we turn your break marker an orange and black color. This means that your break is eligible for a $20 double bonus Deposit, should you choose to turn it green and we are actually able to fill the appointment.

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