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At UM, we pride running our schedule efficiently. Your UM FlexAppointment may occasionally require a start time adjustment of up to 10-minutes and all change notifications are sent via text. We appreciate your flexibility with these minor adjustments as they enable us to provide individually tailored haircut experiences.
Schedule a New Appointment

For the largest selection and availability of appointments, we strongly encourage our clients to plan ahead and schedule 3-7 days in advance. To maintain a style, UM suggests 4 weeks or less in between haircuts.

TEXT your full name to 630-364-2085. After we receive your text upon arrival, we will acknowledge it and text you when we are ready for you to come inside.
Come right into the salon. Get checked in at the front desk, grab a seat and relax! 

UM FlexAppointment runs on one simple strategy, run on time to afford our stylists the most of your 30 minute appointment so they can deliver tailored haircut experiences. We reserve the right to reschedule any appointment when a client is not in our salon by 10 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. If we make accommodations past 10 minutes, we are simply creating a ripple effect of late appointments for the remainder of the day. We value your time and we understand the inconvenience and frustration that can be caused by having an appointment rescheduled. We strongly encourage all our clients to arrive 5-minutes early as most all our appointments run on time or start a few minutes early. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

request a Flexback revisit

At UM, we stand by our stylists and their work. We also embrace that tailored haircuts can have many variables for our stylists to navigate though and connect. Occasionally things can be overlooked that may require a light revisit, so we conveniently offer UM FlexBack appointments. We genuinely want our clients satisfied and we will always revisit your haircut at no charge or tip expected. All we ask is that you submit your Flexback Request within 3 days of your haircut for our team to properly assess and address your concerns.

Ask UM A Question

If you would like specific information about your recent haircut service or for confirmation of an existing appointment, ask UM a question and we will text you an answer back.


At Upscale Male, we value a relaxing and peaceful environment for our clients. For those reasons, as well as safety considerations, we ask that children less than six years of age be accompanied by another adult (who is not receiving a service) at that time.

Parents and family bookings

If you are making more than one reservation for your family, please schedule each appointment separately and individually under each family member's name. We do not offer haircut services to boys under 8.

Children on the salon floor

We do not allow young children to sit on a booster seat on the salon floor next to their father. We believe it is unsafe for children and a genuine distraction to our stylists who are working hard to offer great haircut experiences. Additionally, due to insurance limitations, we can only allow the person receiving services to be on the salon floor during time of the scheduled service.

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