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We are thrilled you have scheduled your first haircut at Upscale Male. Below are some ways to get the most value from your UM Haircuts.
At UM, we schedule 30-minutes for every haircut appointment and we work hard to maximize the value of every single minute for our clients.

If you have a particular hair style in mind, we strongly encourage you to bring in a picture on your phone for your stylist to see. Pictures always help direct your stylist and her consultation towards the strategy that works best for your hair.

Please arrive 5-minutes early for your haircut. At UM, we start nearly all our appointments on schedule with many beginning a few minutes early. Haircuts that run on schedule afford your stylist the most opportunity to deliver a great UM experience.

Avoid wearing your hat on the day of your haircut. Hat head is real and it will always complicate your stylists general strategy. Our best haircuts always begin with clean hair that has minimal to no product in it.

One UM Phone Number For All Communication
We encourage all our clients to create a contact in their phone for Upscale Male under 630-364-2085. This is the number you will use for all phone calls, text appointment cancellations and curbside check-ins.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please text the cancel request to 630-364-2085 and then proceed to book a new appointment. You can immediately proceed to schedule a new appointment after your cancellation text request is sent.


If you are making more than one reservation for your family, please schedule each appointment separately and individually under each family member's name. We do not offer haircut services to boys under 8.


Upscale Male is taking every possible precaution to ensure a safe and comforting haircut experience. Please click the button below for a detailed list of our Covid-19 sanitation and safety procedures.

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