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What is UM all about?

At Upscale Male, we believe in a salon culture that has both realistic and rewarding expectations. We do not gauge a stylist’s success or value based on volume numbers, haircut times or achieving financial goals for the salon. Instead, a UM stylist is hired as a creative artist who is tasked to deliver tailored haircuts to our clients drawn on years of experience, knowledge and training. We recognize a stylist’s value based on what is on display every day to our clients and coworkers. Our only priority is to employ stylists who take pride in their work, offer their professional best to clients daily, and have a genuine desire to be part of our growing company family for the long term.

Our stylists are given achievable opportunities for success. We are a company built for and around professionals and we stay passionately committed to maintaining a salon culture that fosters personal growth, friendships and career-oriented mindsets.

We stay committed to quality and consistency, so we supply the highest quality tools and equipment to all our stylists. We provide all staff with high quality wireless sets of both Andis Clippers and Wahl Trimmers and detailers as well as a variety of combs and specialty combs and razors.

Upscale Male employs a full time operations team. The salon is cleaned daily beginning at 4:30am so it is fresh and inviting at our 9:00am open. There is always an operations assistant on staff during all stylists shifts to sweep for you during haircuts, prep and sanitize your station in between clients and tend to all the salons needs including laundry, cleaning, stocking and closing up. Our stylists get to punch in and handle their book like seasoned professionals, who have the benefit of a full support system every day at work. Our stylists all make great money and when they finish their last haircut, they simply get to go home! Our operations team will take care of everything else and close the salon down for them.

Our salon also employs a full time management and front desk receptionist team. They handle all appointments and client scheduling, cancellations, phone calls and client check-ins. Our stylists do not leave their clients to answer phones or check in clients ever!


  • $30/hour plus tips during paid training in our new offsite UM Training & Development Center. All UM training is individualized and taught one on one with UM provided models, for up to 10 days before you book opens up.

  • Coaching and Mentoring is provided by our training team as you get started and continues throughout your career at UM. Team Mentors and helpful guidance from senior staff is standard and provided to new stylists through the UM Training and Development Team. We support our staff from the day they are hired and through their entire career at UM!

  • Ongoing in-house continuing education provided to all staff twice a year as part of our continued effort to build your advanced men’s skillset. All ongoing training and staff meetings are paid at the $30/hour training rate. Your time is valuable and we recognize that!


  • A complimentary break room like no other salon you have worked in before with snacks, food, coffee bar with pastries and drinks provided complimentary to our whole UM Family. We know our staff need a recharge during their shift and we happily offer a great selection of food and snacks because we genuinely care about our stylists and their well being!

  • You will get a guaranteed 30-minute paid break during every one of your shifts. We understand how important it is to rest and eat and how helpful a small window of time can be to get caught up in life.

  • $350 is allotted and given to you upon getting hired to purchase all new business professional tops, pants, and shoes for work. We make sure you are dressed for success from day 1!

  • $400 is allotted to all new stylists for a brand new quality pair of scissors from our partnered shear sharpening and sales vendor.

  • UM will provide pre-paid links and classes for your Cosmetology License renewal every other year.


  • At UM, we prioritize work life balance for our employees. Our stylists feel valued and respected at work every single day.

  • Our salon is a lively atmosphere with great music playing and a positive energy amongst our whole team.

  • Our stylists are surrounded by professional, career-oriented peers in a fun, positive and drama free environment.

  • Management at UM stay focused on individual situations, making sure to find the right balance for scheduling that is unique to a stylist’s availability.


  • Our salon hours are amazing! Guaranteed weekend nights off and every Sunday off, we close at 4:30pm on Friday and Saturday. Rotating full weekends off for all stylists.

  • Generally fixed schedules with guaranteed weekly hours that never get shortened. There are generally extra hours available to all stylists and they are posted on our UM Access employee scheduling and benefits app. Our UM Access app gives you real time access to your posted schedule and the ability to manage your upcoming one, and much more.

  • Easily request days off and vacation time. At UM staff work schedules are posted online SIX weeks out. UM scheduling policies actually give you the ability to actually plan your life and achieve a great work-life balance.



  • Guaranteed Hourly Starting at $15/hour & Consistently Strong Tips that average $15 to $23 per hour additionally.

  • The average UM stylist earns $30-38 + per hour with Tips the day they start and our salon stays 100% booked everyday year-round, often into 5-7 days out. There is no need to bring clients to UM and we have no shortage of customers for you as a new stylist. We are fully booked year-round and your income and weekly hours are as predictable and stable as possible when you work at UM!

  • No clientele needed, we build your book of clients for you from day !. With our extensive book of clientele after 16 years in business and very strong appointment demand as a premium brand, new stylists are consistently fully booked with appointments scheduled for them from day 1! Typically, a new UM stylist is booked out 2-3 days on the first day on the floor.

  • UM Savings Account from day 1! All our stylists are automatically signed up for a UM Savings Account and begin to earn Bonus Deposits daily, right from their first appointment. UM Bonus Rewards are not based on a stylists sales performance or revenue targets, rather you are rewarded for organic client building and for growing your own book for the long term.

  • Weekly directly deposited paychecks with emailed paystubs.



  • 401k Retirement Plan with 4% Company Matching available to all F/T and P/T stylists after 30 days.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO & HMO Health Insurance plans available to all F/T and P/T stylists after 30 days.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance plans available to all F/T and P/T stylists after 30 days.


All appointments scheduled on-line for 30 minutes through FlexAppointment. You are allotted 30-minutes for each client, 40- Minutes for New Clients. Come work for a company that values your attention to detail and sets you up for success from Day 1!

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