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UM Savings Account

Rules and Limitations

UM Savings Account deposits are essentially placed into the book when you add a Bonus Service Code to a closed ticket. Each closed ticket that has a Bonus Service Code added to it is validated for accuracy and released for deposit into your account. It is the responsibility of the stylist to add the bonus service code applicable to the already closed out ticket. In order for us to successfully validate the ticket for a savings account deposit payout, the bonus service code must always be added after the ticket is closed.


Once the ticket is closed and appears grey:

1. Simply open it back up and proceed by clicking Edit on the bottom right side of the ticket.

2. Add the applicable Bonus Service Code to the ticket from the favorites.

3. Click Save Changes and your done.

  • All Bonus Service Codes are in the favorites near the bottom of the list. Just as you would add a shave or a senior discount to a ticket, you will be choosing from the available bonus service codes in the favorites section.

  • Just simply add the Bonus Service Code as the next new item in the closed ticket, then click Save Changes. Always make sure to not overwrite anything in the existing closed ticket.

  • Do not add it in prematurely, in the back or before you checkout your client. Only add Bonus Service Codes in after the ticket is closed out.

  • Bonus program begins on 1/1/2023 with four new promotions running until 6/30/2023.

  • There are five additional year round ways to earn deposits, those also begin 1/1/2023.

  • Deposits will be tabulated and deposited into your personal Salon Iris Client Account Loyalty Points Balance. To check your current UM Savings balance, simply hit F8 on either back PC, then type your mobile number. Once your name pulls up your personal Salon Iris Client Account Profile, simply click on your name and your client profile will pop up. On the left of the profile pop-up, you can see your current Loyalty Points/UM Savings Bonus balance. You will be emailed a monthly transactional statement when the monthly UM Savings deposit posts to your client profile.

  • UM Savings Deposits will be added on a monthly basis and posted by the 15th of the month following, beginning 2/15/2023 for all of January 2023. Staff will receive a text when their UM Savings Account gets a deposit and when a withdrawal is completed. Each loyalty point has a cash value of $1.00.

  • When you choose to make a withdrawal, you will do so by initiating a transfer in UM Access Staff Portal. There, you will simply select your name, choose the amount you want to withdraw, and then hit submit. It will then be added to your next payroll cycle as a UM Savings Account Bonus and included in your next payroll deposit. You can make a withdrawal submission as late as Monday morning by 8:30 AM for it will be included on your next payroll cycle.

  • You may elect to have payments for shear sharpening withdrawn from your UM Savings Account, as well as any additional shear purchases you make from our vendor. Choose the right option under Message The Office once the shears are sharpened to pay for it.

  • If you end up cutting the hair of Murad or Tasos, you will no longer be punched in for an additional 1/2 hour of time. Instead, you will get a $10 Bonus Credit Added to your UM Savings Account automatically as a tip, to make up for the client we took the spot of.

  • Any money accumulated in your UM Savings Account is your money and can be withdrawn anytime you want. If you get fired or quit working for us, this money automatically ends up on your final paycheck. There is no minimum or maximum balance to carry and no specific time frame required for withdrawal of funds.

  • The maximum UM Savings Deposit amounts allowed for the 2023 calendar year is $500.00 per person. This limit can automatically get increased to $750 per person for the 2023 calendar year if you manage to achieve earning the $500 in your UM Savings account by 6/30/2023.

  • This is a very flexible program and there is no specific way you can or must earn UM Savings Deposits or reach the maximum allowed amount of $500. You can achieve the maximum allowed $500 through any combination of bonus offerings, year round ways to earn, rotating promotions or specially offered incentives and contests.

  • New savings promotions will be added throughout the year with different promotional deposit terms, run dates, and limitations.

  • Year round ways to earn deposits are subject to change and new items may be added periodically.

  • If you realize you have forgotten to include a bonus code on your clients previous cut and you missed out on a bonus deposit, you can still get i counted. Simply add the Bonus Service code to today's haircut ticket and then explain yourself and what happened in the ticket comments. The comments are on the lower left of the ticket screen and you simply hit Save Changes when done. The ticket will then get validated for accuracy, and if all time stamps are correct including properly added bonus service codes after the ticket was closed out, then we can properly validate the bonus payout and approve a backdated request for deposit into the current payroll cycle.

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