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What is a Flex-5 Shift and How does it work?

You can be scheduled for any Flex-5 shift that is released by agreeing to work a minimum of a 5 hour shift in total. You can work the entire shift offered if you choose, but are only required to work a minimum of 5 hours total. You can choose the start time for the 5 hour shift you are offering to work and will only qualify for a paid break when a minimum of a 5 hour shift is committed. If you are available to work but it's less than the 5 hours, you should still submit your offer, as the office may still accept your limited availability. When it makes sense, we will allow for shift pickups as short as 2.5 hours with no break allotted during the shift. If you really want to pick up hours, you should always make the offer submission. Submit any offer to pick up hours, no matter what the shift size and we will entertain all offers.

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